Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David

Two Princes and a QueenTwo Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David
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The world has only heard about atrocities committed by Nazis on Jews. This is history lesson and we read this in terms of numbers and dates. So the real horror of situation doesn’t come out in terms of human tragedy. But through a book or movie we can see the human tragedy that the holocaust was.

Hanne is living in Yugoslavia with his family. They have to flee from there when it becomes to much a life and death struggle. They go to pre Israel in a make shift boat. What happens next?

The book is good and gives the perspective of persons who has to face this persecution first hand. I gather that this is translated from Hebrew in English and translation is good but sometimes becomes jerks. But that is understandable. You should read it if you want a human angle of those events.

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