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Review: Potpourri : Stories for Children

Potpourri : Stories for Children by Urvashi Tandon My rating: 4 of 5 stars Good children books are in short supply. “Potpourri-Stories for Children” by Urvashi Tandon is a good children’s book. It has 10 stories which are about small primary school going children. The stories are interesting and have good messages also. Language is simple and easy to understand for small kids. “Rajah and His Best friend” is about a five year old rajah who lives in Bandhupur. It is story how Rajah settles in his new schools and make friends. “Sheru does a good turn” is about a 74 year old Mr Mathur who feeds stray dogs. “A memorable vacation” is an excited boy Robert who goes to a summer break which becomes memorable. It is a good book overall. However the eBook is having rigid format and the text size and fonts etc can not be changed. View all my reviews