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Review: The Sleepless Beauty

The Sleepless Beauty by Rajesh Talwar My rating: 3 of 5 stars Fairy tales are taking us in dream land. But if you can not sleep how can you see dreams? This is a medical condition also named insomnia. Sleep is required for body just like air, food and water. If we cannot sleep our body face adverse consequences. In the lap of Himalayas there is a kingdom where princess Ramya can not sleep. She was not always like this but somewhere down the line this insomnia gripped her. the king is worried as there are enemies lurking in the neighbourhood and he is getting old. Ramya has to take over the reins but she is not able to sleep and work effectively. Then he ann0ounces a competition that whoever makes her sleep will marry her. Many princes from neighbouring kingdom come with there out of the box remedies and try to cure her. will she ever be ok again? The story is interesting and keep your interest going. The remedies suggested by some prince are hilariou