The Five Shields :The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir, Joseph Fackenhiem (Translator)

The Five Shields :The Lost SoulsThe Five Shields :The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fantasy as a genre has enthralled us since time immemorial. This is liked by children and adults alike. Fight between light and dark forces is also eternal.

Jess, May, Johnny, Rose and Kiyoshi have a secret. On their 13th birthday they come to know that they possess shields with gems in them. They are the soldiers of light forces against the darkness. They are set on a journey to find a scroll and set free the persons of light.

It is a thrilling ride. The book kept me hooked and I liked the fantastic elements. Though the story is same as told countless times it is still enjoyable. I liked the chemistry between the five. This is book one and I hope Ilan Dvir writes next instalment and the book ended with a hint of further books.

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