Just A Few Lies by Sandeep Sharma

Just A Few LiesJust A Few Lies by Sandeep Sharma
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mind is complicated machine. It can lead us to believe things which may or may not be there. Love, guilt, crime of passion and stealing away someone’s love may lead to losing one’s mind.

Anant is a popular writer and his friend Raman is his publisher. He feels his beautiful wife Kavya has an affair with Raman. Then enters Sagarika and Raman asks him to mentor her. Then it becomes like a love quadrilateral or a maze.

Psychological thrillers are a new hot trend. This book also has a mysterious character Alka Thakur who may be imaginary. This is many insights like about the second woman. There is always guilt and the second one gets less love. Lies are good or bad for relationship?

There are some issues also. The book is jumbled and motivations of Raman and Kavya are not clear. Sagarika is also confused it seems. Anant condition it seems affected all. As this book is told in third person but mainly from Anant point of view the result is confusing.

3/ 5 stars.

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