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Review: The Weirdest First Date

The Weirdest First Date by Tarang Sinha My rating: 4 of 5 stars Unrequited love is painful. People fall in love all the time but the same is not reciprocated most of the times. Many reasons may be there but the real problem starts when nice people fall for someone bad. Nikhil got a call from his friend after midnight to meet him. When he reaches his society, he meets a girl who lives in the same society. Incidentally they are trapped in the lift and develop a bond. The story is sweet and cute though a bit sad. It can be my fantasy too to be trapped in the lift with a beautiful girl. View all my reviews

Review: Unholy Tales from Banaras

Unholy Tales from Banaras by Anuj Tikku My rating: 2 of 5 stars “Unholy tales from Banaras” is about holy city of Kashi. Anuj Tikku gave a lot of details about the holy city of Varanasi. This is the city of lord Shiva. Hindus come here for cremation as it is believed that we get moksha if cremated here. A pujari is killed in the temple in a mysterious way and soon thereafter his wife is also killed. There is ray ban baba who is suspected of the crime. The book is not well written and there are countless spelling mistakes. It seems there was no proof reader and editor for the book and it is printed in a hasty manner. These put me off from reading and the book is below average. View all my reviews

Review of Blahman and The Attack Of The Wicked Zombies by Srijan Kabra

There is dearth of good kids books in India. This is written by a child himself. This is Srijan’s second book after “Journey to space with Blahman ”. The creativity of Srijan is admirable and the book is quite funny. The friends Aven and Steven read in school. Funny things happen there as the primary kids are asked to play cricket with 9 th standard children. The flight of fancy of Srijan is praiseworthy and it has very good illustrations also.

Review: Yes Sir I Killed My Dad!: A Sons Grief

Yes Sir I Killed My Dad!: A Sons Grief by Anuj Tikku My rating: 3 of 5 stars There are lots of strugglers in Bollywood. There are many who doesn’t want daily grind of the life. Completer the B. Tech and then MBA, get a secure job, marriage and kids. That is the script every middle class wants their children to follow. Our hero didn’t stick to it and the this led to killing of his father. The book is thriller. Pace slacks at many times. A tighter editing could have helped. View all my reviews