Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa

Second ChanceSecond Chance by Sandeep Jatwa
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I received a review copy from Vinfluencers in exchange of honest review.

Life gives us many chances. But this book is about second chance. Life is a continuum. It never stops for evil as well as good persons. Do people change? Maybe.

Shekhar is a businessman whose father is paralytic. He is a selfish, nasty and ruthless person. He is totally indifferent to feelings of others. He does not believe in marriage. He needs new woman daily and does not want to be tied to one. He has a new manager Manish whose only capability is that he acts as a pimp for Shekhar. He arranges girls for him for sex. Kailash is old manager from his father’s time and he demoted him. He insults him all the time. Unnati is a nice girl in his office but he does not promote her. Hrishita is new girl in the office who is ready to sleep with him. He takes hostile over company of another businessman. Then he start receiving warnings from mysterious “City of Justice”. They warn him either to mend his ways or be ready for dire consequence. He ignores the warnings. And one fine day he meets with a fatal accidents. He is taken to this city by a mysterious person. There he sees hell and realize his folly. Then he comes back to consciousness. It may a dream or reality but it changes him completely. What happens next?

Unnati explains about “Near Death Experience” which he felt in 2 minutes when he was dead. It is felt by those who has been very near to death and they might feel extreme fear or total serenity, security or warmth. In 1975 Raymond Moody wrote a book “Life after Life”. In 1981 “International Association for Near Death study (IANDS)” was founded. Many famous people has experienced it.

The book starts off well and is written in a simple language. The description of hell is clichéd and so are many other things in the book. Shekhar character lacks development and transformation is very simplistic. He is shown as a very cruel person initially and then he becomes diametrically opposite. He even made a list of wrong deed done by him, which is very short considering his character. After the accident book became very boring. It is a one time read.

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