Flying Without Wings by Rishabh Puri

Flying Without Wings (Ravinder Singh Presents)Flying Without Wings by Rishabh Puri
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my second book by the author. First one was “Inside the Heart of Hope”. The hero has some kind of disease. Live is hard to find both for rich and for poor. Rich can never be sure whether the lover loves his money or him. And who loves a poor person?

Mili work at Chandigarh airport shop. Her brother Karan was an army man. She lives with her mother in a despondent atmosphere. Karan Singhania is a rich businessman. He has many girlfriends but no lover. Then they connect through a dating app and hit it off. What happens next?

I find this book much, much better than the first one. The editing and language is better and so is the narration. Character development of Karan and Mili is good. Their love develops steadily and it is heartening to see. I enjoyed the book and recommend it to romance readers

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