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Review: Ghost on the Ledge

Ghost on the Ledge by Krishnamoorthi My rating: 3 of 5 stars “Nothing in this world can torment you as much as your own thoughts.” Anupama is a 12 year old girl who lives in a group housing society with here family. She starts to see things in her balcony. A albino like ghost comes to her balcony. Her parents think she has epilepsy and started to have hallucinations. She is referred to doctors and psychiatrist who find nothing wrong with her. Her Mausi also had similar problems. Is she having psychological issues or something more sinister at work here? The book is a teenage investigation story. this is told in a plain straightforward way. The story of her mother and Mausi is over hyped and nothing much is there. Similar is the case of final solution of the ghost issue. Too simplistic and plain book. 3/ 5 stars. View all my reviews

Review: Fear Is the Key

Fear Is the Key by Juggi Bhasin My rating: 2 of 5 stars “Sometimes the worst place you can be at is in your own head.” Rahul and Suhail are IIT buddies. They start YUMMIMAGE which is a media company. They use every dirty trick in the book to become successful. Simone is there colleague and Rahul’s girlfriend. She has a tiff with Suhail. Rahul keeps a party at his home to cool the matters. Simone goes missing in the party and Rahul starts hallucinating. The story started well and give a peek into to world of TRP hungry media. There are many steamy sex scenes throughout the book. Then it told about trolls also. But after Simone goes missing it loses direction and wanders aimlessly. I find the book very boring and stretched. So many useless characters were introduced without any rhyme and reason. By climax I lost all interest and it was neither surprising nor ingenious. It was a very long boring psychological thriller. There was no thrill at all. 2/ 5 s

Review: Remember Death: An Arjun Arora Mystery

Remember Death: An Arjun Arora Mystery by Ankush Saikia My rating: 4 of 5 stars Never trust a man who doesn't drink. Winston Churchill I like an old style thriller cum murder mystery. A private eye is an time tetesed hero for this kind of novel. Arjun Arora is an ex Indian Army office turned private eye. His personal life is in doldrums but he is good at his job. Vikas, a mysterious man comes to him with a case for which he has to come to Mumbai. He goes there and meets Vishwanath who gives him twice his fee to trace a girl Agnes Pereira who is a murder suspect. What happens next? The book takes you to different parts of India: Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Himachal, Lucknow .. the journey is defined in details and the suspense is uncovered slowly. He has vey few clues to work on: a photos and pair of earrings. The story spans a long time from British India to modern period. It covers Bollywood, politics, cricket betting, fake swamis, tawaifs and much more