A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach

A Universal StormA Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If we can have one nation for all religions, races and skin colour life will be great. But it requires a revolution and that means blood have to be spilled.

A reporter finds there is no power. Then he meets a person with no name but just “Engineer”. Leila is a Muslim girl from Pakistan who is rescued by Engineer from a building rubble. She is taken to Israel for treatment and she hates it. Eyal is an idealistic young man from Israel. He is not impressed by Zionism. Eyal and Leila meets in picturesque Manali, Himalayan foothills of India. They plan for something g drastic.

The book has some interesting idea. But it read more like a disjointed stories which have no plot. It was more of a non- fiction feel. The characters are flat and you don’t feel anything for them. There is no purpose either and it ended as abruptly as it started.

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