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Review: Mohini: The Enchantress

Mohini: The Enchantress by Anuja Chandramouli My rating: 4 of 5 stars Lord Vishnu is the operator of universe. He maintains the balance between the forces of good and evil. One of the tools is incarnation. He took birth in animal forms and later one in male forms. The main avatars known as Dashvatar (10 incarnations) include Matsya, Varaha, Rama, Krishna etc. Where does Mohini fit in? She is said to be only female incarnation of lord Vishnu and is not included in the Dashavtar. She has a small and specific role to play during churning of the sea (Samudra Manthan). However in this novel Anuja gave her a bigger role. Mohini name comes from Hindi word “Moh” meaning infatuation or illusion. Mohini is someone who seduces with her beauty, viles, magic and enchantment. She is incapable of love according to Shkati, which is not a bad thing per se but a sad thing nevertheless.  This story is not linear. Mohini says “I am Mohini. And this is my story. B