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Rukhast departure

Rukhsat The Departure by Sujit Banerjee My rating: 3 of 5 stars Thnx Sujit Banerjee and goodreads for providing a review copy of the book. Well this is supposed to be a short story collection. Which in a sense it is. I dont know what to say about it. Let's start with length. Stories are short and you can finish some of them in less than 5 to 10 minutes. Language is pretentious sometimes but most of the times it is normal english. Nothing great but it conveys what it wants. Take an example of first story Abhimanyu The Beginning passage "Moments pass. Or are they days, months, years, decades, centuries? Moments that hesitate between darkness and the lush green of ripe field. Moments caught amidst the smog of city that is in a hurry to reach somewhere, but still not sure where." Does it convey something? Maybe to author or a reader who can make something out. Lets go to technique and structure. Stories have characters, dialogues and their interplay, emotions and psyche