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Future beckons

Future beckons 31 December 2020 Ansh and Priya are dancing like mad in the party at The Parks, Noida. After all it was New Year ’s Eve and the atmosphere is of gaiety. The husband and wife both have been drinking heavily and having a hell of a time. Around two they decided that they had enough and decided to go home for passionate love making. Also their daughter Pinki was alone with maid. They came out and Priya insisted on driving the Scorpio. As the SUV was powerful and huge Ansh had reservations but he agreed in a drunken stupor. Priya sat on driver’s seat but the guard came and asked Ansh to receive their complimentary gift from hotel. Ansh repented till this day what happened when he went inside. When he came back with gift he saw a nasty looking fellow pointing a gun at Priya head. Priya in panic pressed accelerator till it touched the floor. With 2200 cc engine Scorpio lurched forward like a bullet. The guy hang on to the door. Priya was 4 Patiala peg down after the p

The Case of the Love Commandos by Tarquin Hall

The Case of the Love Commandos by Tarquin Hall My rating: 5 of 5 stars Tarquin Hall is a British journalist hailing from London. He has written Vish Puri India's "Most Private Investigator” books. Hall has a good understanding of Indian realities. He weaves these in Vish Puri books. Ram and Tulsi are in love. Ram is a Dalit (lower caste shudra, untouchable) and Tulsi is Brahmin. Naturally her father is against the alliance and tries to prevent them from getting married. There is a secret organisation called “THE LOVE COMMANDOS” who tries to unite these star crossed lovers and guards them against honour killings. But on the fateful day Ram is kidnapped and Tulsi is taken in hiding by commandos. Vish’s assistant Facecream, who is a part of Love commandos, gives the investigation to Vish. When he starts investigating it is known that Ram’s mother is also murdered. The conspiracy goes much beyond a simple love story. There is an institute which carries out research in genetic