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"Life & The Grey Notes"

Life & The Grey Notes by Mayank S. Sengar My rating: 3 of 5 stars Life and the Grey Notes by Mayank S. Sengar It is collection of 10 short stories. The stories covers various facets of life. The stories try between the grey zone between the obvious black and white of life. Maynak through 10 stories tried to cover 10 aspects of life. The first story “Inside Bermuda Triangle” compares life with the mysterious Bermuda triangle. It’s a mysterious area where many aircrafts and ships has disappeared without any trace. Kaka (uncle) of Sanjay compares life to Bermuda triangle. The three vertices of triangle are your fear of failure, burden of expectations and your dependence of advice. Last story is “The God Particle” with no spin, no electric charge, no colour, something that gives mass to everything. That god particle inside us gives us the resilience, the resolve, the stubbornness and the ability to stand tall even in the whirlpool of failure and devastation. “The Religious Atheist

Looped by Munmun Singh Nagpal

Book Cover: The cover is showing a black cat sitting on tree branch looking at sky. Tree leaves are colorful. This is soothing and cute. Blurb:   "Toby Sezoe, the newly appointed time traveller finds himself falling in love with a woman. The only problem is that the woman lived on the same spot centuries ago. Luckily enough, the woman can't see him when he travels back in time to her because he is only present there as waveform, but he doesn't know what the future (or past), has in store for him. Assisted by the man who built the time machine himself, for reasons unknown to any one person, will he be able to bridge this gap of time between the past and present? The tale of a true enthusiast, a hard-core romantic and a loyal fan. An uncanny description of the future. An enthralling epilogue, binding all the elements together and introducing the idea that we are all characters of the same play, puppets bound by the same thread. A fascinating turn of events, rei