Breathing Two Worlds by Ruchira Khanna

Breathing Two WorldsBreathing Two Worlds by Ruchira Khanna
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is it easy to settle in a foreign land? There is so much craze to go to USA or Canada or Europe to earn and settle. Indians (especially Punjabis) are crazy to go abroad and to be called NRIs. But is it all hunky dory?

Neena a Delhi girl goes abroad and meets Adan. They hit it off and when she comes back to India, she feels trapped between two cultures.

The language is lucid and crisp. This book has a message that we have to take the best of two cultures. Clash of east and west is old and both civilizations have good and bad traits. It is up to us to choose. 3.5/ 5 stars.

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