The Recession Groom By Vani

Kudos. Brilliant for a first time effort. Immensely likable, page turner and unputdownable. 

Without reveling too much of plot, Parshuraman Joshi (strange name for protagonist, though Vani explained it is based on a famous Brahman rishi of Hindu mythology) is bright, hardworking, honest and naive young Indian working in Canada as IT pro. Bloody they all work for IT as Kangna said in Tanu Weds Manu Returns ;).

He is hot commodity in Indian wedding scene and his marriage is arranged by her aunt (as most of the marriages are arranged in India) to the daughter of a wealthy businessman. 

The story tells what happens once he loses his job due to recession and how he and his family copes.

Also it is a brilliant take on love marriage versus arranged marriage, cross cultural marriage and importance of family in India. 

Vani explains in great detail the Indian wedding ceremonies. 

I also became wiser about how delicate the job of a bartender is. 

The story has it all what it takes to be a brilliant rom-com. Romance, humor, angst, existential crisis, philosophy, twists, confusion and works.

The philosophy of life is explained beautifully as :-

His grandmother held his hand, brought it close to her face and kissed it gently. ‘Take life as it comes to you, my dear boy. Plant the seeds of goodness every step of your way. And don’t ever fret if things are not going your way now. What is yours will come to you, if not in the beginning, definitely in the end,’ she said, and smiled. ‘Remember, it will all be “okay” in the end.’

Vani (2014-12-22). The Recession Groom (Kindle Locations 3030-3032). Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. Kindle Edition. 

P.S.: Does it help if the author is good looking/ eloquent too in addition to being intelligent? I guess now a days it is. As Amish Tripathi said “A good book with bad marketing doesn't work” ;)

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