The Einstein Pursuit (Payne & Jones Book 8) by Chris Kuzneski

Nothing much to say. Its a very confused book. You can read it one time if you have nothing else to do.

In this book everybody helps everybody just at a phone call. And help is not simple life of by money but they take on with armed assassins. Payne helps Salaberg on one call just because he once worked for his father and seems genuine and in the process he and his partner kills 7-8 persons. US air force helps them coz they have helped the some of commanding officer . Interpol is adamant on helping them but they insist to do it their way. When finally they relent Nick Dial, Interpol chief is thankful to them. And yes something about the incident which started it all. Why the laboratory is exploded and all scientist killed in the first place. Cant tell because of spoilers. By the time you will reach that point you would have stopped caring any way.

Two stars for some funny scenes and scientific details.

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