A Casualty of Grace by Lisa Brown

A Casualty of GraceA Casualty of Grace by Lisa Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very heartfelt thanks to netgalley and Lisa Brown Books Carlisle for providing me a copy for reading and reviewing.

I give 3.5 stars to the book.

Two brothers Oliver and Simon become orphan and are put in an orphanage. They are sent to Canada in foster homes separately. Older oliver is very protective of timid and lost Simon. He is heartbroken when they are separated. Oliver is sent to a farm where the owner is very ruthless but the lady Liza is very kind. They develop an emotional bond and Liza manages to bring Simon to farm too. Oliver is happy to be united with Simon at the same time terrified because of Pritchard the owner. But surprisingly Pritchard is very lenient towards Simon, as he himself is dealing with his own demons. Oliver find solace in company of neighbour girl Helen. The story traces life stories of all of them.

This is a very poignant and emotional story. The Language is simple but graceful. The story flows smoothly. I felt for Oliver, SImon, Liza and Peter. In fact Lisa Brown has compassion even towards cruel Pritchard. It shows how alcohol makes monster out of humans. They drink it as an escape from their problems but it robs you of your humanity. Oliver is a brave, hardworking boy who is mature beyond his years. His love for his brother and Liza is very moving. All in all a very heartfelt novel. Lisa Brown is very good. I recommend it to all my friends who like a heartfelt story told well.

Here are some excerpts from the book which are noteworthy:

"Oliver tried hard to contain his emotion. Every hug, every laugh, every scraped knee played out in his mind. He thought of his own mother and how he wished she could be there, but he knew that nothing in life is permanent except the memories we choose to preserve."

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