Even You by Marilyn Oser

Even YouEven You by Marilyn Oser
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very heartfelt thanks to netgalley and for providing me a copy for reading and reviewing.
I give it 3.5 stars but taht option is not in goodreads ;).

The book is story of two woman in a relationship jassie and claire. The relationship cant be labeled as the author explains below. this book moves semalessly vetween past and present. It slowly builds up the story and keep you engrossed.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

“Your resumé?”He fished it from a stack on the corner of his desk and waved it in the air. “Your experience?”Brandishing it, accusing her of something, but what? “Here’s what I think of your experience.”He crumpled the twenty-pound, cream-colored laid paper in his fist and, rising from his chair, turned his back to her. Then—flamboyantly, protractedly, comprehensively—he wiped his rear end with it."
“Forget it. Listen to your gut,” they said. “What good are your plans, anyway? Man proposes, and God shits all over him.”“Old Yiddish saying: ‘Man plans, and God laughs.’”“No, man plans, and God shits all over him, and then God laughs. Claire, go with your gut.”
"Claire detested labels. Any labels: morning person, night person; intellectual, flirt; flibbertigibbet, leader. Flattering or not, grain of truth or not, she loathed, abhorred and defied them all. The worst was lezzzzbian, with its ugly buzz there in the middle, like bees zeroing in on the sting, like kamikaze planes homing in for the smashup. The word fogged the truth, which was that Claire had fallen in love with Jessie because she was Jessie, and vice versa."
Children were gorgeous: he was right about that. How fleeting their beauty was—how soon the body changed, hair darkening and thickening, bones growing prominent. Not that adults were unsightly—just different. They didn’t have the faces of children, the bodies of children, the minds of children. They didn’t have the energy or the curiosity or the liveliness of children. You could desire a child; that was understandable, if only barely. What wasn’t permissible was to act upon it, because you spoiled her childhood forever. Did that even need to be said?

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