The Krishna KeyThe Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The less said about Ashwin Shanghi aka Shawn Haigins the better. Unlike Amish and Dan Brown he interprets the past in his own bizarre way. He mixes myth, history, religion, Vedas, scriptures with his half baked so called research from Wikipedia and other dubious sources and is hell bent on proving that Hinduism is the best religion and India is the Best country and these are the cradle of first civilization. According to him Jesus tomb is in Kashmir (the Rozabal Line), Shiv is Vish (Vishnu) and Vish is shiv, Noah is naav (the krishna key) blah blah blah. I never heard Shiv is Vishnu or vice versa. I think you get the picture. But the award for the absurd goes to this exchange between Saini and Radhika:- (view spoiler). How cool is that. Can anybody beat it? And somebody told me it is simply copy pasted from some Wikipedia entry as is most of his other so called research.

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