The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2) by Dan Brown

A very thought provoking book. It is very well researched and very informative. But at the same time its not boring. It is very good, taut thriller. Hero is very unusual and unique. Robert Langdon the symbologist. A welcome break from usual spy, lawyer, journos type hero. I like Langdon immensely. French cryptologist Sophie Neveu is also very good. I am an engineer and is blissfully unaware about art and culture. So that way Dan broadened my horizons. As I am a Hindu who studied in Christian school till primary, i only had basic knowledge of Christianity. [ In Hinduism most of the Gods are married (with few exceptions like Durga Maa or Hanuman ji) its no big deal. But as far as i knew Jesus never married. Hence the climax was very unexpected and pleasantly surprising. Its good to know that he not only married but had children too.In all a very good book. Blasphemous but good. And Great religions like Hinduism, Christianity are very resilient and can accept differing views without being defensive. Kudos to Dan Brown. I would have given it five stars but going for four because of the fact that sometimes Dan gives too much details and it hinders the pace. 
P.S. Something about movie too. Tom Hanks is my favorite hero after Cary Grant. I liked him immensely in Forrest Gump. But somehow in the movie he could not recreate that magic. I find it the classic case of Good book very ordinary movie.

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