The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat

Please avoid if you like to read good book or even a gud time pass. its neither. I left it unread as i found out it is a trash. I finished ONACS after herculean effort. I feel Chetan is highly overrated. He has gone steadily downhill from FPS. He is a bad writer. Now he has become pseudo intellectual also and giving gyan on news papers, news and social media which is very hilarious. A very bad book. Again proves my suspicion that engineers can't write (I am an engineer too ;). I agree with most of you completely about Chetan. But to tell you the truth i really liked and enjoyed FPS. I even identified with one of the characters. But he went steadily downhill after that. He is one book wonder as i see it. Thanks for telling me about these creative engineers. It is nice to know. Also he is so lucky that movies based on his books turn out very good like three idiots, kai po che and two states (hello was a disaster). So it adds to his aura.

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