Review: Undelivered Letters

Undelivered Letters Undelivered Letters by J. Alchem
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my second book of J Alchem. First one read is “The Highway Man”. Review can be read here:-

Letters have become like dinosaurs now a days. We have e-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp and twitter. This is the age of instant messages. All these IM apps can’t hold candle to a real letter. Letter has emotions of the writer as it is handwritten. The recipient also feels a connection as the person took out time and effort of writing and posting it.

The book about letters which are undelivered for 20 years. Some of the person died or separated. Aron is a postman who forgot to deliver 9 letters. He finds them after 20 years and decide to deliver them on the advice of his wife. What happens?

The book is written in a concise language. This has some real emotions. But I find this book unsatisfactory. First the stories seems rushed. Second the reactions after getting letters and even the content of letters itself gas little or no impact. As this book is set in Europe or USA there is the problem of facts also. In 1993 letters has become obsolete. The concept is not new and I have seen a similar serial on Doordarshan long back (not able to recall the name).

Still 3/ 5 stars for the good effort with an interesting yet difficult concept.

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