Review: The Last Chai: Bringing the Nation to a Halt

The Last Chai: Bringing the Nation to a Halt The Last Chai: Bringing the Nation to a Halt by Varun T.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With evolving technology and counter terrorism methods, even the terrorists has benefited. They also become more tech savvy and use deadlier weapons to kill and spread terror. And the network is global and their motives are many. With a nationalistic PM they want to thwart the progress of India at any cost.

Ajay Kamate is under a lot of stress and is sent on leave by Doshi, The PM. But he is paranoid for his safety and come back before end of leave. Now the terrorist are using cyanide as their favourite weapon. He has nabbed a young boy who killed Bhardwaj his partner too. They try to get information from him but in vain. Now with Bhardwaj gone Ajay is under double pressure. Poorvi is a left leaning journalist who breaks the story of that young terrorist. When Doshi goes to Pakistan for SAARC summit Ajay goes with him. Somehow Doshi is poisoned and he goes in to coma. Ajay is arrested and Poorvi is sent to Israel by some mystery helper. What happens next?

Book is very topical. Even the latest Rohingya issue is incorporated. The writer does not try to mask the identity of politicians or other players. Terrorist threats are real. Biological warfare threat is also real. The plot is complex and spans the globe. Left leaning media’s hypocrisy is brought to fore. The pressure under PM and security agencies work is brought out nicely. So many agencies working like RAW, IB, NIA, SPG etc is shown.

But that is also the weakness. With this extensive plot the book length should have been more because many things remained unexplained. Varun Tejwani weaved an intricate web but the resolution and explanation did not satisfy me. The Akahdn Bharat Bal track is so outlandish that nobody leave alone seasoned espionage agencies like Mossad, ISI etc will buy it. Emergency also is treated very lightly. And neutralizing 7000 terrorists in one go seems improbable. First thing is how come they knew their exact locations? Nalini and Raghuram track according to me is totally irritating and it slowed the pace.

But keeping in view the pace and intricate plot 4/5 stars.

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