Destined by Rubina Ramesh

Which is better marriage: love or arranged? Nobody knows for sure. Common sense says that love marriage is better. Two people fall in love, have a courtship period and know each other. Then they decide to take it one level up. That is marriage. But what happens to arranged marriage couples. Do they suffer a loveless marriage forever? Is it inflicted on the hapless couples?

What is marriage? Is it a holy bond or just a legal contract between two parties? Religion says this is a bond till death do them apart. Law says this is just a contract between two consenting adults.

This book tries to answer these questions. What is the answer? For that you have to buy the book and read it for yourself. Here is the amazon link:

Esha is desperate because she has to arrange money for treatment of her father. She has lost her mother to cancer and now the same monster is afflicting her father. She tries to get a loan from her relatives who mercilessly refuse. Her childhood sweet heart and fiancée Ayush is also not helpful. Ayush and his mother come out as selfish, heartless people who think only for themselves. When she become dejected from everywhere, her boss Rohan is only the only ray of hope. He agrees to take care of all the expenditure but have a bizarre, humiliating and ridiculous condition. Will she agree?

The book has good emotional quotient. Esha feeling for her father are pure gold. But her feelings for Rohan are love or lust. Rohan gives her electric shocks every time which poor Ayush can’t. is love the name of electric shocks.

The book worked for me but only in parts. Plot device known as McGuffin is good if it is used once. But it is used too many times and that takes away too much from book. Say for instance why Zaira married Rohan’s father? If she was gold digger, then it makes more sense to marry Rohan because then she has all the property rights. As his mother she has to share property with him. Then why Rohan has to marry Esha (or any other girl for that matter) if ultimately he has to give Zaira her share. But everything else falls flat because of the poor and wafer thin plot. In the end no matter how hard Rubina tried to salvage Esha and Rohan conditions, they come out like doing it only for money. Live in has been better. And Ayush has been treated unfairly because if Esha knew him from school days; then either she is an idiot (which she is not as per her portrayal) or Ayush is a better actor than SRK.

3/ 5 stars for the effort.

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