From Siberia With Love: A Women's Fiction Novel by Ilana Cohen

From Siberia With Love: A Women's Fiction NovelFrom Siberia With Love: A Women's Fiction Novel by Ilana Cohen
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I am getting books from Israel and find that they have different flavour. They are unlike Indian or American books. This book is part I of a series. This is called (something) and survival series. This novel is Joy and Survival (part I).

Edith is a widow who is living with her mother in law and two kids. He yearns for male company which is evident from the fact that she feels attracted for married men. First it is Dr Janusz Zuriel who is older than her. Then after 10 years she meets Alex. He emigrated from Siberia and is a hunk. They start and affair have passionate sex.

One passage from the book which I liked:

“An affair with a married man is much like Swarovski jewellery. It is like a dream—beautiful, shiny, and pleasing to the heart of a woman. But eventually, it turns out to be unreal. Edith fell in love with the renowned doctor, a man filled with charisma. It was the first time she’d fallen in love outside of her marriage, and she didn’t do a single thing to stop it. The two became close friends and sought ways to spend time together.”

The book has its moments but they are few and far between. The story is dull. The pace is snail’s. Still it gave knowledge about Siberia.

“There is no such thing as an ugly woman. However, there is such a thing as not enough vodka,” was the motto of the Russian soldiers, the great liberators of Eastern Europe.
Two months of summer in Siberia are the equivalent of four months of summer in another place, where the natural order of nights and days takes place. After two months of negligible nights, the weather rapidly changes. Frost covers the greenery. The grass and shrubbery freeze overnight and are preserved beneath a layer of ice, fresh and green, just like frozen foods kept cooked or fresh in the freezer.

The motives of Edith are clear. I have sympathy with her and can understand why she entered into affair with married man. By the way Alex doesn’t seem too reliable either. Still she loves him and loves the sex. I feel she is entitled for fun in life and her life continues even after her husband’s death. I somehow liked the book despite slow pace. I will continue with the series. More reviews once I finish more books of the series.

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