Charm & Survival (book III) by Ilana Cohen

Charm & SurvivalCharm & Survival by Ilana Cohen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is part III of a series. This is called (something) and survival series. This novel is Charm and Survival (part III).

Alex meets with an accident on a way to his another lover. Edith takes care of him. She rues the fact but she craves the incredible sex with him. Alex says that Russian men cannot be monogamous and he is capable of satisfying more than one women sexually. Edith wants him totally but has to accept that he will go back to Julia. She is not happy with the arrangement but cannot say no to incredible sex. Alex tells her the stories from Siberia.

The pace of book is erratic. It moves back and forth between Israel and Siberia. Alex tells so many stories. They have no connection and it seems that they are of different persons. Alex has multiple personality disorder it seems. No details of business dealings are given.

Book is long and protracted and has no plot whatsoever. It read like a documentary on Siberia. There is zero character development and Alex character is totally hay wire.

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