Transitions And Beyond by Inderjit Kaur

Transitions And Beyond

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Life is not static. It is changing at every step. We are transformed every year, at every turn, at every phase. It can be for good or for bad but it happens. It is the law of nature. Life can’t stop.

“Transitions and Beyond” is book 4 of “A Living Series” written by Inderjit Kaur. The author herself has been a victim of domestic violence and came out stronger and triumphant. The book is divided in 3 modules.

1. The Change: It tells about the process of transformation. How to think positively and using crisis to our advantage.

2. Intervention (understanding the depth): this tells about detecting stressors, coping mechanism and eliminating it.

3. Revive and Renewal: It is about rekindling, reforming, reconstructing, restructuring life. Living for more by making a place for oneself, helping others.

This book tell about that every change is beginning of a transformation. This is the stepping stone for being better. We can use tough circumstances for our benefit and become better persons. It tells bout coping strategies to deal with change no matter how difficult or unpleasant it is. The process of healing begins with forgiving others. It helps to make life simple. We should not others control us and be firm, determined and unapologetic. Life is unpredictable and may spring many nasty surprises and we should be ready to deal with it.

Overall a very good self-help book which can help all to deal with transformations in a positive way.

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Transitions and Beyond helps us recalibrate our focus to align with our long-term objectives and goals thus making problems much easier to deal with and restoring one's confidence in life. It promises to renew and reform a disordered life so that one can live a complete life with all stagnation removed. One becomes a true adventurer, who now sees life's miniscule complications as challenges and can begin to transition.

Transitions are the phases that help one grow through adversities transforming one into an individual who will love challenges and convert them into opportunities for a magnificent tomorrow. They are related to psychological and situational parameters and both are equally important to optimize and to manifest a simple tool of transformation into the realm of personal developments to achieve balance in every core area of life.

Transitions and Beyond thus leads us to believe in life and produce a defining path that will reveal who we are and who we are meant to be.

About the author

Inderjit Kaur is an author, motivator with a powerful voice of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and inspirational guide who with her tag line ‘Keep smiling, keep shining’, has brewed up with the original concept of living through her books of A living series.

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