2036 the Proof by Zvi Speiser

The nectar is a fantasy or reality? Is there life on other planets separate from earth? Will life be easier after advances in human knowledge in science? Future is unknown but can we make a guess about what will happen 20 years henceforth.

The story starts with a break-in in a lab and murder of guard. Professor Tom is working on a longevity drug in his research. His assistant Lise finds some geometrical patterns in the petri dish which can’t be explained. Similarly in astronomy field there are some surprising finds leasing to assault on a accomplished scientist. The police detective Rick, a journalist Will and his ex-girlfriend find a pattern in the break-ins, murders, assaults on scattered locations. Is there a link in all this?

In the year 2036 the more the things changed the more they remain same. Scientific knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds. The life sciences is finding a drug which can prolong human life and keep it in prime shape. All of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers had been at it for many years. Medication and self-care kits to enhance longevity, which was already increasing even with no specific intervention, is being devised. SETI is also making progress. Hubble telescope is a thing of past and there are many more times powerful telescopes which can see in the farthest corners of galaxy.

The book is having science at its core. I will reproduce one passage below:

“Newton’s equations of motion accurately described observations on Earth and in the solar system. Einstein’s theory of relativity predicted different results than Newton’s equations, but only at speeds approaching the speed of light. The predictions of the theory of relativity and its observational verification required sophisticated measuring equipment. However, for all intents and purposes, for motion at speeds significantly below the speed of light, Newton’s equations provided plenty of accuracy, and were still in use . Yet they did not seem to apply to the phenomena on STA331047B and STA333654B. The red giants adjacent to these stars were still at their peak, and contained massive amounts of gas, in contrast to the leading theory, which had been verified many times.”

The story moves at a brisk pace and the suspense is unrelenting. The identity of villains is known but the thrill is in chase. The book has some interesting premise which leads an exciting climax.



Recommendation and rating:

I would recommend it to those who like to read a sci-fi fantasy book. I give the book 3.5/ 5 stars.

Where to buy:


Will the most profound secret of the human race, seeded millions of years ago, finally be discovered?

Can Heller and Thorne figure out why scientists keep getting involved in accidents?

What do a huge asteroid rushing into earth, human DNA going crazy in a lab, exploding stars and an ancient sect have in common? All have been ingeniously woven together in this riveting science fiction thriller. Join Chicago police Detective Rick Heller and investigative journalist Will Thorne as they try to figure out why scientists connected to these discoveries are almost killed and a security guard is murdered.

Can the US president marshal covert scientific knowledge to safeguard the world?

When Will Thorne discovers a mysterious link among the asteroid, the DNA and the exploding stars, US President Emily White tries to use this top-secret tinder box, revealing the discovery of humanity’s deepest secret, for a peaceful message to the human race. Her initiative ultimately results in aggressive religious riots that threaten human security throughout the world.

Can an ancient, secret sect be the key to human salvation?

In 586 BCE, soldiers of the Sect of the Guardians gave their lives to secure the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant, which they had removed from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. What is the ancient secret, more than 3,300 years old, that the Guardians are ordered to hide at any cost?

From the author:

Be curious. Ask questions. It is permissible to challenge common knowledge, truths, beliefs, and their origins, even those accepted by the majority. You will often discover how hollow they are, to what extent they do not hold up to the slightest investigation simply because most people grew up thinking small and never thought to examine these ideas. You will be surprised to discover that the foundations of human civilization are so rickety. You will also be surprised at the degree to which people refuse to have a serious discussion out of an inexplicable fear of treating ideas objectively and of putting their beliefs to the test of science.

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