The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

The Four PatriotsThe Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is India a world power? No. Then can India become world power? This book have some fantastic ideas to make India a world power.

Varun, Salman, Raghav and Aditya are four persons from different walks of life who have the same dream. Varun, an NRI software engineer; Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments; Raghav, a virtuous politician and Aditya, an altruistic businessman. The first part of book gives the background stories of these four persons and second half gives details of their thrilling journey.

The book is very idealistic and fantastic in the theme. Ideas of author are good and can work in an idealistic setting. These is a lot of corruption and resulting frustration with the current condition of India. People are fed up with this and want change. The book shows us a short cut where everything is set right in a short span of time.

Book has some good ideas like having election every two years so that manipulation game ends. Recording every act of corruption and use of media against the vested interests is good idea.

Still the book is casteist and misogynistic. The very first chapter talks of ending reservation without understanding its implications. The book is very harsh on women. They should sit at home if the husband don’t allow. It says it is ok for the hubby to smash computers and mistreat his wife.

Recommendation and rating:

I would recommend it to those who like to read an urban fantasy, upper caste misogynistic, right wing book. I give the book 3/ 5 stars.

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Have you ever fallen victim to the system? Felt humiliated and helpless? Have you fought back?
Meet four such patriots: Varun, an NRI software engineer; Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments; Raghav, a virtuous politician and Aditya, an altruistic businessman.
Fate brings these four lives together at a crossroads, pushing these unlikely heroes out of their comfort zones to fight a seemingly unstoppable evil force which wants to hold our country captive. The four companions, who have always had each other’s back, will now come face-to-face with the biggest challenge of their lives—a labyrinthine plot rife with perilous twists and wicked turns. With the nation’s future at stake, will they be able to destroy the Chakravyuh intricately laid down by the enemies of India? Will they come out of it alive?
A story about friendship, faith and courage, replete with romance and patriotism, The Four Patriots is a racy, contemporary thriller sure to give you goose bumps. Pick this book if you do not believe ‘is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta’; and if you think all is not lost, this is a must-read!

About the author:

A graduate from IIT Kanpur, Sumit Agarwal is a successful businessman. He is also a music composer, lyricist, singer, actor and writer. His music videos can be viewed on his YouTube channel, or on his website
Sumit runs an NGO, Prerna ( Among its many social welfare initiatives, the NGO has adopted ten government primary schools, in order to facilitate quality education. He is also the founder of Kasauti, a consortium of NGOs formed to aid clean and answerable politics.

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