Keeping The PromisesKeeping The Promises by Dhruv Gajjar
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Thanks Goodreads and the author for providing a review copy in giveaway.

I would not suggest it to anybody. If you have read Love Story by Erich Segal or watched Schin-Rajeeta starer 'Ankhiyo ke Jharokho se' you can safely avoid it. The story is cliched and not even better than by any Mills and boons, forget about the classic of Segal.

No need to tell the story after pointing out the above and reading the blurb. The promises are flimsy and the Hero Dhruv Gajjar aka Gajju would have moved on anyway after the usual grieving period. These kind of love story are being written by writers like Rabindra or Durjoy Datta and they do a far better job than this.

If the story is partially autobiographical as the name of author and protagonist is same then I feel sorry and sad for the author and M (Mystery girl i guess). Also it is a debut novel. But it still can't redeem the book.

The language/ grammar is bad. The way story is told is superfluous and confusing. Editor was clearly absent at the publishing house and it is printed without any editorial efforts.

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