Review: Then The Doorbell Rang

Then The Doorbell Rang Then The Doorbell Rang by Capri Jalota
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Death and disease are inseparable part of life. One cannot escape from these. Death, divorce, disease, bomb blasts are the theme of this book. Not a very happy and fun book to read.

I thought it to be a mystery thriller kind of book going by the title. It seemed the doorbell rang and some psycho killer enters to slash. Nothing of that kind here. So stay away if you want that.

Jane is an only child of an Indian doctor father and European mother. He goes abroad for study and falls in love with her mom. They marry young and then move to Dubai. As happens they fell out of love and her mother leave his father. Jane stays back with him. She marries Uday after only one week romance and then he dies in an accident. How she copes and what all happens is crux of it.

The book was a mixed bag for me. It was sad. Told from first person’s POV. Then there is Uday’s diary. He had a girlfriend Radha whom he cannot marry due to family disapproval. There are many other characters. Jane also have some rare disease. It is a thick book. It worked in parts but as a whole I was not very satisfied and as it is thick it became difficult to finish.

3/5 stars.

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