Review: Kedesha: A Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess

Kedesha: A Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess Kedesha: A Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess by Ohad Pele Ezrahi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kedesha is erotic and sometimes links erotica to spirituality. The ancient temples have sex slaves who are elevated to the level of goddesses. She blessed her for becoming a temple,for having become a kedesha, a scared prostitute. Their bodies became a temple. This is somewhat similar to Indian Devdasi system.

The story alternates between ancient times and modern one. Story starts with Yehoash having sex with his wife Eglah. She a priest’s daughter and married him just to get an heir. She despise having sex with him and he is sexually frustrated. In modern times we have an American returned lady Tara who needs to face her demons. She meets Yoni a Shamanic sexual healer. He is married (in Shamanic way) to Hagar and has a very open marriage. She gives her Yoni (vagina) massage and then she becomes liberated.

The book alternate chapters are ancient and modern times. It has historical information and the writer claims that if it is true that is not a coincidence. Shamanic sexual healing of yoni massage is based on the fact that many memories accumulate in the inner folds of the yoni.

The book is racy and erotic. It has many threesome, homosexual scenes. But after sometimes it becomes rather boring and repetitive. A tighter editing could have helped. 3.5/ 5 stars.

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