Review: Disgrace

Disgrace Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this book on recommendation of Jenny Arora. It was a difficult book which she forewarned.

The story started with a college professor who has sexual relations with her student (way younger than her). If it was consensual or forced it is never revealed. He is not apologetic and says he is guilty without proclaiming what it is. He is expelled from college and goes to stays with his daughter. She maybe a Lesbian (almost certain). One fine day she is raped while he is locked in the bathroom. After that she becomes depressed and doesn’t talk to him.

The book is in a different country where there are different standards of morality. So I am in no position to judge. Than another difficulty is the Coetzee is a Nobel Laureate (a brief net search told me that he won it in 2003). So I can’t just dismiss it just any frustrated book.

The book makes you sick and depressed. The professor is a depraved sex addict who can go to any length. He has no regard to his posoit0on. He is just going through the motions and his job is a burden and just a means to earn. When he takes a belligerent stand at hearing it is laughable to say the least because he has no morals.

Then his daughter is happy in his farm comfortable with her sexuality. She is dependent on the caretaker. Though he is already married she is dependent on him in more ways than one (spoilers so no more comment). Then she is raped and goes into depression which is understandable. What is not understandable is what follows after that.

I thought of not writing a review. Then thought of giving it time so that I can make up my mind. I even forgot the name of the characters (nothing memorable about a frustrated professor and his cowards and weak daughter). Booker and Nobel was there after all. Now after almost 4 months i came to the conclusion that I disliked the book. This is bad no matter the Nobel Prize. If sex sells so is misery and depravity. And that is what these big authors do. Better to stay away from these trash. There was no insight for me.

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