Review: Where's the good in a goodbye

Where's the good in a goodbye Where's the good in a goodbye by Ravi Shirurkar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When two lovers meet their lives change. Change may be positive or negative. Jesper and Sara had positive influence on each other whereas Arjun and Eva had mixed results.

The book is just average and had so many pop psycology quotes in italics. It breaks the flow and is irritating.

Sometimes it is just plain regressive and sexist. See this passage (Arjun telling Eva that kissing her boyfriend is cheap):

Your friends know that I proposed you but they don’t know you kissed me in the middle of the street – 4 blocks away from your home. How cheap does this sound?

Money is overrated and this book reinforces this notion, see the passage below:

So how do people like Virat and Elon become so irresistible all of a sudden? The answer is M-word! The M-word is not some Magic but it’s MONEY! One should just take care of his M-word, and M-word takes care of the rest of the things.

2.5/ 5 stars.

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