Review: Come Back to Leave Me... Again

Come Back to Leave Me... Again Come Back to Leave Me... Again by Sohil Ashvin Shah
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What is the meaning of love for today’s generation? It is WhatsApp chat and FB likes. This book is like a long chat.

Siddhant (read Sohil or whatever you like) is working in Dubai. He is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has fantasies about love. He meets Ritisha with a H and falls for her head over heels. Hey start chatting and come close. Then he meets many girls for marriage. Then Ritisha grow apart. And it goes on….

This book is for teenagers. Language is kind of free for all. It’s a mix of Hindi, English and Gujarati. It is very confused about notion of love answers to question at back cover are flimsy.

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