Review: River Rule

River Rule River Rule by Ameeta Davis
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Paranormal romance is the new normal. The Twilight series threw up many followers. This book is one of those.

There is a girl named Una who comes to India with her father they go to a spooky place called Khamosh Valley. There all kinds of weird things happen. On the way she has premonition that her driver died and they somehow escaped. When they reach their grandfather doesn’t open the gates and they have to climb over the boundary wall. There she meets Avi. There is some mumbo jumbo about tribals and their land rights. Then humans become beast and then I lost rack.

The book is very contorted and confused. I could not make out head or tail of it. There is zero character development and no clear motives of anyone. Dev and Major are most confused characters. Una and Avi are irritating. Totally disappointing.

2/ 5 stars.

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