The Krishna-Christ Connexion by Oswald Pereira

The Krishna-Christ ConnexionThe Krishna-Christ Connexion by Oswald Pereira
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This book has an interesting premise. Is GOD (or his incarnation Krishna or son Jesus) limited by geographical boundaries. Is GOD not universal, omnipresent, omniscient and all pervasive. Are The religions man-made or not?

So the story starts in heaven where Christ and Krishna are together (isn’t that obvious as is no distinction there). They are sent to earth by GOD and they change destinations. Chris (as Krishna lovingly call Christ) comes to India and Kris (nickname of Krishna) goes to America. Here they spread the message of love and brotherhood and we find that Hinduism and Christianity (though as author explains there is no such religion names as per holy scriptures) are more alike than we imagine.

Chris quote from Geeta

“I am the source of all spiritual and material world. Everything emanates from me.”

Kris tells Chris that sometimes violence is required as in war against terrorism.

“When President BO in his prayers asked me to forgive him and said Kris told me to do it, I was wondering who was the Kris he was referring to,” Christ said. “I told him to do his dharma or duty, Chris, because that seemed to be the only way out,” Krishna said. “Turning the other cheek and forgiveness was not a practical solution in the fight against terrorism.”

The message of book is summarized thus

“There is no conflict of interest, no conflict of thought and teachings; and if you read between the lines, you will realise, we were speaking in one voice, as one soul, connected with one supreme being”.

The book is light-hearted but the message is not. If someone take offence she is missing the point. Full marks to the author. 5/5 stars and recommended to all especially in these intolerant times.

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