The Highway Man, by J. Alchem

The Highway Man: Short StoriesThe Highway Man: Short Stories by J. Alchem
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Is love an obsession, togetherness or a sad memory? The book is an attempt to show these three different facets of love.

1. Catherine: This story is love in the form of obsession. A very successful romantic novelist Nicholas Sieum is obsessed with a woman named Catherine. A very seasoned doctor is called by Nicholas’s father to cure him. Can the doctor cure Nicholas?

2. Sidzy; for a day: Love as in togetherness. A very sweet love story of a couple Sidzy and Jihan. On women’s day Jihan works like Sidzy and do household chores. Hence the name.

3. The Highway Man: Love as a sad memory and grief. A husband loses wife and a son loses mother in an accident. They forget how to be happy and a mysterious Highway man again teaches them how to be happy.

Story 2 and 3 are connected I guess. I liked the tone of book. 1st and 2nd are good but the best one is 3rd. I liked this passage from it:

“There are two phases of life; happy and sad. People do not permanently belong to any one of them; they shift from one to another, time to time. However, there is no fixed time to decide the eligibility of the transcendence from one stage to another. It is simply random. Sometimes there are moments of consecutive happiness whereas sometimes, sadness overlaps one moment over another.”

“Good time is fleet-footed bliss. Bad time, crawls.”

Recommendation and rating:

I would recommend it to those who like to read light romantic tales. I give the book a 3.5/ 5 stars (0.5 more for The Highway man).

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