A Symphony of Chance Encounters by Sayujya Sankar

A Symphony of Chance EncountersA Symphony of Chance Encounters by Sayujya Sankar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An anthology of twenty poems and stories is covering many human emotions. Love, craziness, hate, desperation etc. the range is varied.

Story 16 “A Dragon Fire and Cuckoo Song” is about weaving stories. Nisha writes larger than life stories. She creates Minotours (a monster in Greek mythology) and Naagins (female personified snakes of Hindu mythology). She meets Thangjam who reads Kafka. They weave stories that are fantastic.

Story 8 “An Incomplete Building” of Viskaha who frequents a construction site. The temporary nature of construction and some incomplete stories are similar.

Story 2 “A Sane Insanity” is about dissociative personality disorder. Is it genes or due to conditions that people have split personality? Vani and her alter ego Shnathi is a metaphor of rebellion of a oppressed woman. As Nietzshe said “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” This one has strong feminist tone and very interesting.

Poem 11 “A Symphony of Chance Encounters” is Saragm (Scale of harmony) defined in a poem. Pa- “In love too there is silence. A silence that grows in throat”.

The poems and stories have deep meanings and metaphors. The language is first rate and engaging. But the tone and mood is dark and depressing. This is a very good collection and to be cherished.

Recommendation and rating

Recommended to all who like good meaningful but somewhat depressive writing. I give 3.5/ 5 stars to the book.

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