Review of 'Finding Juliet' by Toffee

Finding JulietFinding Juliet by Toffee
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I give 2 stars to “Finding Juliet” by Toffee published by Srishti.
This is an erotic, romantic story.
The story is divided in two parts. The story is divided in two parts. Arjun before meeting his guru Kartik, when all the girls fall for him but he doesn’t succeed. And Arjun 2.0 after meeting Kartik who turns him into some kind of Casanova overnight. Kartik gives gyan to Arjun about girls. Sample these:
1. So the first thing you need to know about girls is that they never directly say what they really want or how they truly feel.
2. You should never apply logic to judge a girl and instead understand her emotions. Also I want to reinforce the point that most of the time, girls don’t really mean what they say and don’t really say what she means. So you should always judge her by her action and not her words.
3. When you kiss a girl, you leave her with only two options – either she should leave you forever or she should stay with you.
Many girls come in our hero Arjun life. He is college topper with only thodi si study (who doesn’t study most of the time and spend tie flirting with girls), lyricist, hunk rolled into one, gets first job in campus etc.
This is a book for teenagers and college going students. This maybe fantasy of today’s youth. The story seems far fetched and girls are decoded in a very simplistic manner.
It can be read as a one time pass time.

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