“My Wife’s Diary” by Deepanshu Saini published by Omji publishing house

My Wife's DiaryMy Wife's Diary by Deepanshu Saini
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I give 5/10 stars to “My Wife’s Diary” by Deepanshu Saini published by Omji publishing house.

The book is about premarital affairs, gays, brief lesbian encounter and life before and after marriage.

‘I loved her and she married me. But it wasn’t that simple.” Or is it? This is the opening salvo of this book. What if you come across diary of your life partner? Will you read it or not? Here the husband starts reading the diary of his wife and the result is shocking. This is the story of a simple girl named Pournima. She keeps a diary, which she lovingly calls Sweety, and record her life and feelings in detail. She is reading to be a psychologist. She is in love with his batch mate Rahul. When Rahul tries to get physical with her she feels disgusted. She gets Ragahv Kalra a patient who doesn’t wants to get married, doesn’t like girls and don’t know the reason. The reason is obvious to me but somehow Pournima and Raghav can’t see it. Finally they find out that he is gay and he is liberated. Then she passes out of college and meet Prashant and feels that this time she found true love. What happens next is the crux of story. Will she marry him and happily ever after?

Some parts of the book are really nice like the description of end of college days:
“No matter how much you hate studies, you will always miss your school or college days. College is the best time of life. It is when you can spend all your money and time on shopping drinking and having fun. You will want them back, no doubt. Memories will remind you that nothing will last forever. We all should enjoy life when we can.”

The passage about disillusionment with love:
“Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes just be an illusion. I think I want to change my statement. Love is just an illusion. There is no magic person pout there, no lover out there waiting for anyone. It’s just that we all are living in an illusion. There really is no magic called love. Life is just a matter of existence.”

The character of Pournima is very confusing. Is she a lesbian or frigid or something else. She falls in love but wants to avoid sex. She wants marriage with her lovers but doesn’t bring that up. She gets cozy with them but doesn’t want sex. Who does that? Then other characters like Rahul, Prashant and Avantika are mere props. They have no character development. The husband who reads the diary is nonexistent and what was the need of introducing him in first place. He reads diary and then what? There are so many loose ends that after finishing the book you feel lost and dissatisfied.

Still the book is good in parts as in mentioned above. Language used is lucid, simple and powerful enough to convey the meaning well.

Overall a book which could have been far better.

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