Always be Mine by Neha Daraad

Always Be MINE by Neha DaraadAlways Be MINE by Neha Daraad by Neha Daraad
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give 8/ 10 stars to “Always Be MINE” by Neha Daraad published by Inspire India.

This is a sweet, cute romantic story of Arjun and Akansha. It tugs at your heart and make you believe in love.

Arjun is a spoilt brat of a rich father. He is totally irresponsible and emotionally unstable. His relation with his father is antagonistic amd his mother is not living with them. He doesn’t even talk to him. He is an alcoholic and one day he has a nasty fight with his father. He rushes out in his car and in a drunken fit tries to commit suicide. Fortunately Akanksha is also there and she stops him in time. She calls his friend Abhimanyu from his phone. Abhimanyu is his well-wisher and he is getting married soon to Payal. Abhimanyu picks him up and arranges Arjun’s meeting with Akansha. Arjun meets her and finds her attractive. They soon develop a friendship and Arjun starts healing emotionally. He describes this feeling as follows:

“Three months had passed since I met Aakansha. Time flew away with a speed and we did not even acknowledge it. We both had become very close friends by now. Every passing day had contributed some special moments, making our bond stronger. Day by day, everything was changing for me and it was no less than a miracle. This friendship was acting as a panacea for the void of my heart. I was changing. I had started taking control on my mental agony and started accepting painful memories. Now, I was trying to overcome them. Aakansha had made me come out of my nutshell. I had started to enjoy my life. I smiled, I laughed and she had even managed to make me agree join Abhimanyu, Payal and Aakansha for outings, picnics and other get together. Everyone was very happy with this progress.”

Their story progresses and during marriage of Abhimanyu and Payal, Arjun proposes to her. Akansha accepts and hugs him.

“I could not let anyone know what those moments meant to me. She rushed into my arms and hugged me tightly. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. I could not ask God for anything more than this. I was still not over the moment. I felt like I was dreaming. Therefore, now it was clear that she loved me too. I thanked God mentally as well as Abhimanyu. I hugged her more trying to hold her closer to me. It gave me a divine contentment. I felt like every problem and pain of my life was less than this pleasure.”
When everything is falling into place for them Arjun has a conversation with his dad and after that he is devastated again. He becomes commitment phobic and runs away from Akansha. What will happen next? Will Arjun always remain emotionally crippled? Will they come together or not? This forms the story.

Neha is spot on in portraying emotions of a boy who is deprived of love in his childhood and had a troubled childhood. This makes Arjun emotionally and mentally weak, alcoholic, suspicious and melancholic. Character of his dad is very strong and he loves him tremendously. Abhimanyu is also a rock solid and level headed friend who supports him through thick and thin. Akansha is a bindaas, intelligent, beautiful and emotionally mature girl who takes a liking of Arjun. She understands his pain and starts healing him through her pure and unconditional love. Only lucky person gets a girlfriend like her.

Flow of story is smooth and language is simple yet powerful and grammatically correct. You empathize with Arjun and Neha makes you to understand his fears and insecurities very well. Sometimes Arjun does foolish cruel thing to people who loves him, but Neha explain that in detail so that you don’t hate Arjun.

“Emotion is a chemical defect; if once you are connected with someone emotionally nothing in this whole world can break those connections. Time may change the face of the bond, may be friendship turn into enmity, love in hatred, but emotions withhold themselves in deep down our heart and bury themselves in order to save us from pain. But those masked emotions cause much more pain than the person who is behind those emotions.”

Neha is a girl and she has narrated the whole story from Arjun point of view. This is no mean feat and considering this is her debut work it becomes praiseworthy. This not a mere love story but has parental love, friendship and lessons for life for love, work and friendship. Waiting for Neha’s next book.

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