Split second by David Baldacci

Split Second (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #1)Split Second by David Baldacci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought it in India international trade fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I wanted to read a new thriller writer and the salesman suggested this. I am thankful to him.

All it takes is a split second to ruin your career. Maxwell and king of secret service has this is common. Now both unite and try to redeem themselves. will they b successful?

I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a page turner. Kept me engrossed. Highly recommended.

Sean is very fastidious and judicious. Michelle is very unorganised and spontaneous. Though Sean is more experienced and older but he is equally energetic. They complement each other and form a good team of investigators. The relationship is platonic though is wished it should be somewhat romantic. The pace is breakneck and mystery is satisfying. It gives very good thrill. Climax explains everything and ties up loose ends.

Some excerpts:

It only took a split second, although to Secret Service agent Sean King it seemed like the longest split second ever. They were on the campaign trail at a nondescript hotel meet-and-greet in a place so far out you almost had to use a satellite phone to reach the boonies. Standing behind his protectee, King scanned the crowd while his ear mike buzzed sporadically with unremarkable information.

Michelle raced through the wreckage, dodging flames and smoke and screaming out his name. “Sean! Sean!”

Another explosion rocked the structure, and she jumped off the front porch a few seconds before it came tumbling down. The concussive force of a second explosion knocked her through the air, and she landed hard, all the breath squeezed from her. She felt all sorts of heavy things hitting all around her, like mortar fire. She lay there in the dirt, her head cut, her lungs drowning in lethal fumes, her legs and arms bruised and battered.

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