Entice (The Affair, #1) by S. Layne

Entice (The Affair, #1)Entice by S. Layne
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Laurie husband james sleeps with her best friend becky and she is debastated. In her anxious state she meets Liam who is a playboy and start a passionate affair witj him.

This is the brief of story. Its sensuos, free flowing and keeps you interested. Its no high literature but rather a potboiler.
You can read it once.

Some excerpts :

Except counseling. I scowl. Because counseling is for people who aren’t smart enough to work out their own issues.
I don’t even remember the last time someone hit on me. Has it been that long? A part of my femininity wants to preen and rub against him, have his hands run down my side at the thought that he believes I’m beautiful enough to want to have a drink with me.
But there’s still a part of me that wants to be at the bar at eight o’clock and see what a conversation with him would be like.Because after feeling so used and abandoned…and just hurt…that part of me wants to give James a taste of his medicine. Make him hurt the way he’s hurt me.
As soon as I unpacked, I did what any woman does and picked up the phone to ask for advice.
My core clamps down on him and he groans as he sinks inside of me. My hands move to his shoulders, but he quickly grabs them, clasps them in one hand, and pushes them back to the bed.“Leave them.”I shake my head. “I need to touch you.”He rocks forward until I’m completely filled with him, and covers my body with his. I shift, needing him to move, but he stays perfectly still and his mouth drops to mine. His lips hover, not touching me, and I inhale a gasp.
“You’ll take what I give you,” he commands, and my mouth snaps closed.
I want to give him what he’s given me. I want to dig my nails into his skin and leave a mark on him, forcing him to remember this night.But his grip is strong, his eyes determined, and as his hips pull back I feel every inch of him leave me. I tighten my muscles, pulling him back into me, and when he does…I cave.I surrender to everything he wants to give me.If it’s anything like the other two orgasms he’s already given me, this is sure to be even better.“Holy…” I groan as he slides back in. There’s a slight burst of pain as he hits the end of me. He’s stretching me wide and his hand leaves my wrists with only a warning glare.“Keep them there.”
“I will.” I nod. I’ll do anything to have that feeling in me all over again.Liam smirks and his hands move to my thighs. He pulls me wide open and presses my legs into the mattress as he begins moving inside me.He pushes and pulls, harder and faster, and I can do nothing except thrash my head back and forth.Sweat from his forehead drips onto my abs, but I can’t open my eyes long enough to see what he’s doing.It feels like hours—it possibly could be—when he releases a roar and seats himself balls-deep inside me, and my insides clench and pulse around him as he releases himself inside me.My brain has turned to mush.My body melts into the mattress
and I take the moment to revel in what I’ve done.What I’ve felt.It’s powerful and inspiring…and I instantly regret that I only get this for the night.That it’s over.I turn my head to the side to hide the emotions flooding my body.
hips, caressing my rear end until his thumbs spread my cheeks apart.“Liam.” I warn him, but I doubt it’d do much as he lightly brushes the skin of my crease, a forbidden area I’ve never considering using for anything other than its intended purpose. “No.”“Hmmm…disappointing.” But he leaves that area and continues until his fingers separate my folds. “So wet for me already.”
I move to walk past him into the kitchen when his arm sticks out and wraps me around the middle.Tears instantly fall down my cheeks.I love him. I always have. I hate him, too, though. And I don’t know which one is more powerful. I don’t even know if love is enough anymore.
I should win an Academy Award for my acting abilities. If there is ever an awards ceremony for women who dream about their bosses at night but don’t act like it during the day, I’m a guaranteed winner.Every morning I wake up, sweat lining my brow and my shirt sticking to my back. My breath heaves in quick, panting gasps while memories of Liam taking me over and over again flood my mind.I can’t stop thinking about him.Wanting him.
It exposes the side of my neck and he drops his lips to my skin, sucking hard.“Oh,” I exhale. His touch does magical things to my body.“
I go to bed dreaming of sad brown eyes and heated blue ones. They fight in my head, screaming their desires until I’m curled into a ball, tortured by both of them.And when the dream shifts and disappears, I wake up the next day determined.I will get my shit together. Figure out how to make that happen and go for it, and never again will my decisions be swayed by the desires of another man.

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