Review: KAALKOOT The Lost Himalayan Secret

KAALKOOT The Lost Himalayan SecretKAALKOOT The Lost Himalayan Secret by S. Venkatesh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from Outset.

Kaalkoot is a high-octane thriller. The readers who likes reading thrillers with chase. twists and turns will like it. The chase is fast and furious. This is a mythological cum historical thriller which starts in 1940s in Uttarakhand.

The story starts in Uttarakhand where Manohar Rai a soldier is killed by Britishers. He has found a deadly secret. Then the story comes to present day. Steve Watson came from Himalayan hills and found out a secret. He is tracked by goons and almost killed but saved by a Goan. The goan tells his friend Bani in Kolkata and ask him to come to Goa. Damini is an Indian agent who is high on chase of a North Korean agent. She also loses him and goes to Goa. Sam aka Sameer girlfriend Ananya goes missing and he gets a hint that she might be in Goa. All these people reach goa and then the story moves forward at a rapid pace.

The story is about Kaalkoot which a deadly poison. It is said to be come out during Samundra Manthan along with the Amrit (Nectar). This is equivalent of modern day biological weapon. These people have to find out and stop this before it is too late.

The story runs at many levels initially and then all these merges in Goa. Then the story moves to mountains of Himalaya. The pacing is good. The scenes are short and changes quickly. Some scenes are only one para long. But there is no problem in understanding the story and connecting the dots.

The relentless pace kept me glued to the book. I liked the book very much and recommend it to every reader.

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