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Corporate Monk Corporate Monk by Anju Sharma
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The life in corporates is high speed. The rewards are handsome but the price to be paid is also high. You are under pressure 24x7 and there is no time for health and family. Is there a way out of this conundrum? Anju Sharma answers these questions in this fiction book “Corporate Monk”.

Sayani and Aman were batchmates. Now she is a mentor of professionals and Aman has become a hot shot corporate Manager. He has all the material pleasures in the world but no peace at home and office. When he is bypassed for president’s post, he becomes depressed. He turns to Sayani for help and she takes him to Rahul. How will Rahul help Aman?

There are many techniques and steps given in the book which is highly practical and time tested. The seven bridges are Awareness, Light enters, Objectivity, Equanimity, Compassion, Joy, Transcendence and Purpose.

In each chapter the story is told through interaction and development of Aman. There are short gist in boxes one of which is reproduced below:

“There are four possible routes to happiness; through pleasure, through engagement, through meaning and through victory.”

The references of further reading are given in footnotes. The wisdom of holy Geeta, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Rumi, Mahabharat etc is taken and presented in simple to understand form. There is passage from Upanishads like Koshas reference. The further reading list is given in the end for the persons who wants to explore further.

This is the second book of Anju’s which is read. First one was non-fiction names “I of the storm”. Review can be found here

This is told as a fiction so as to engage readers more and make it interesting. This book is highly recommended for all and not just corporate professionals. This will work as a handy reference book for all.

5/5 stars.

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