My worst nightmare

Aayush was in 8th standard. He was fond of toys like every kid. But he was from a lower middle class family so his father could not afford many fancy toys. His father felt necessary to spend on his education whatever limited means he had.
Amit came to his house one day.
“Aayush come I want to show you something” Amit said. Amit was friend of his and from a financially well off family. Aayush went with him and Amit showed him a brand new football. It was beautiful beyond words for him.
“Can I hold it, Amit!”
“Why not”.
Aayush took it in his hands and he had no words to describe the feeling. He had no metaphor for it. But one fine day he will have it.

Time passed and both of them went their separate ways. Aayush completed his MBA from IIMA and got a handsome package. He met Ramya during MBA and both of them married. Ramya was into books and one day she was reading Hindi novel “Sati Maiya ka Chaura”.
“How can you read such thick books? I get head ache after five minutes dear” Aayush asked Ramya.
“If you like something you don’t get tired. Just like I love you and tolerate all your idiosyncrasies” Ramya teased him.
“Is not it the time we should start a family?”
“Why not?”
Aayush was in front of the delivery room of Max hospital. Finally the doctor came out.
“Congratulations. It’s a girl. The burse will bring her out in a short while.”
“Thank you doctor. How are they?”
“Both are alright Aayush”
Aaysuh was waiting impatiently for the nurse to come out. Finally the nurse came out and asked “Who is the Father?”
Aayush came forward and she handed over to him the most beautiful girl of the world. Aayush was speechless and overwhelmed with emotion.
“When can I meet Ramya?”
“In a short while sir.”

Finally he went inside to Ramya. She was weak but beaming.
“Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift of the world” Aayush kissed her on the forehead.
“Thank you too” Ramya replied.
“Ramya! When Amit gave me the ball that day I had no words to describe it. But today I can. It felt like when a father takes his first child in his arms.”
Ramya smiled. Aayush was overcame with emotion and there were tear drops in his eyes.
“What happened Aayush? Why the tears?” Ramya asked.
“One day when we were playing the ball came under a car wheels and it burst. We were sad for weeks. If something happens to my little daughter? Then what? It will be a nightmare. My worst nightmare.” Aayush looked into Ramya’s eyes.
Ramya held his hand and said “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her.”
They both embraced the small bundle of joy.


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