Business of anti-corruption

Vishnu Sharma told that once upon a time in the land of Mahilaropya there was a crusader of anti-corruption named Anant. He was an army veteran who commanded a lot of respect. People even called him second Mahatma Gandhi.

His right hand was Amar who was very talented and disgruntled bureaucrat. There were 29 princely states under Mahilaropya and Vivek headed one of them in the western part. Shyam, the king of Mahilaropya ruled it from Indraprastha, the capital. Anyway Anant protests bore fruit and Shyam was overthrown. Vivek became king and Amar became head of Indraprastha.

One fine day Mitesh, a crony of Anant fled Mahilaropya with  a lot of public money. There was a lot of hue and cry in public. To divert attention Mitesh sent his emissaries to Amar. Amar had a trick up his sleeve. He staged a drama where his ministers pretended to rough up a public servant. Now everyone forgot about Mitesh and all the media was busy talking about assault of democracy. Everyone was happy again. To top it all they accused Vivek of abetting and aiding Mitesh in first place.

Moral of the story: Vishnu Sharma said that as happens both were paying lip service to anti-corruption and talks of development were farce. People should keep their eyes and ears open and use their common sense and brains rather than to fall for fancy words.

---to be continued

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