I am Not A Traitor by Y. I. LATZ

I am Not A TraitorI am Not A Traitor by Y. I. LATZ
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am a sucker for spy books. These appeal to us because of thrills and edge of the seat adventure factor. This is also one of them and involves Mosaad, one of the most feared agencies.

Henry Stein finds himself in the prison in opening chapter. He is there on espionage charge for CIA. His sexy Korean girlfriend is allegedly a CIA operative. He works in Navy as a Chef so it is easy to roam inside the most secret meetings. His wife has an affair with a fruit seller. His daughter is missing, maybe kidnapped. Is he a traitor?

The book is pretty straight and sedate. The story couldn’t keep me engrossed. Motivation of main characters is not understood by me. What is Singer doing with a loser like Stein? Marina and Jimmy came out as idiots. Shin is manipulative or is she? And the track about his daughter and wife is totally tangential.

My main peeve is that there are 3 allies: USA, Great Britain and Israel. They maybe spying on each other. But will they go to war? Maybe in a very unlike scenario, but I can envisage none. Iran or Palestine will be a better choice.

Is he a traitor? I don’t know. But I was bored to death that I know for sure.

I give this book 2.5 / 5 stars.

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Henry Stein is a former Israeli Navy cook with a huge secret…

Dive into the story of an exciting espionage case that takes place in the most covert unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Henry Stein, the 50-year-old veteran chef of the Israeli Navy’s submarine fleet is laid off from his job after thirty years. Due to his big secret, he cannot reveal this fact to anyone, not even to his wife.

A secret that is intertwined with a serious of international calamities
How does his secret relate to the murder of his grandmother in London thirty-five years ago, to the arrest of his backpacker daughter in Colombia, to his love affair with a sexy Korean-American who almost gets him killed, and to his longstanding personal relationship with the British MI6?

A compulsive page-turner full of courage, terror, and passion
Step by step, the secret life of the “innocent cook” is exposed. As he fights a war of survival opposite the CIA, MI6 and the Israeli Mossad, he is revealed as a courageous man who follows his heart, until the arrival of the inevitable moment when he must decide once and for all where his loyalty lies—with his country or with his homeland.

From the Author
I've always been interested in people who are living a lie. I do not mean petty criminals, who deny every crime they have ever committed even if they were caught in the act by security cameras, but rather "ordinary" people, like you and me, who decide to choose lies as a way of life.
From spies and intelligence personnel to "white collar" criminals, who, one fine day, drop out of their routine life and embark on a "new career," known only to them. This sort of double life is a central axis of this book as well as of my other novels.

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